Love Your Life

‘It’s never too late, to be who you might of been’

– George Eliot


The Journey of Motherhood

My beautiful little girl is 16 weeks old and what a 16 weeks it has been! 

I did a lot of ready prior to my daughters arrival; baby books, magazines, websites, anything baby related, I read it. Despite all my reading, I was immensely ill prepared for all that motherhood brought to my life. None of the books prepare you for how overwhelming the whole experience is. From labour, to the intense feeling of love you feel for this little person that you barely know. The fear of not knowing what to do or how to look after this tiny human who is solely dependent on you. The pressure you feel to be a breastfeeding goddess because according to many, breast is best, and anything else is subpar. The impact that hormones still play on your body and emotions, even though your baby has arrived. And then comes the almighty impact that sleep deprivation plays on, well, quite frankly, everything! I have experienced tiredness in my life, particularly during pregnancy with all those middle of the night toilet runs, but nothing quite compares to what happens once bub arrives. Sleep deprivation has left me feeling all kinds of emotions from sad to angry, and everything inbetween. It’s made me do things that I ordinarily wouldn’t have done, it’s made me grumpy, teary, histerical, and simply hard to live with, just ask my husband!

I wish the other side of motherhood was discussed more openly and freely; the honest and realistic side. The side that says it’s okay to not want to parent some days, to wish more than anything that your little one would stop crying or sleep a little longer just so you can have some quiet time to yourself (or a shower!), to reassure you that it’s okay to miss the freedom you had prior to your little ones arrival, and to simply feel a little lost. I’ve only been a mother for 16 weeks and I can honestly say, it is hard work! Rewarding yes, but hard nonetheless. Having my daughter has brought so much love and light to my life, however it has also changed my life in ways I didn’t expect. 

If more women spoke about the less glamourous side of motherhood, perhaps women would feel more prepaed, and a little less alone on their journey. 

What is Love?

What is love- a question I have pondered for as long as I can remember.

The question of love has always puzzled and intrigued me.

One thing I know to be true, is that love is different for everyone. I don’t believe that love is a generic term that can be freely used to describe a feeling that all individuals feel. Surely my love, cannot be identical to the love another feels?

Love comes in many forms; love for a partner, family, friends, and many others. People often refer to love for their family as different to the love they feel for their partner or friends, but what does that actually mean? What are the elements that make love?

Is love a feeling? An act? An emotion?

Love is such a fundamental part of life, yet it appears to be more easily experienced than defined.

Please share your thoughts and experiences of love!