The Helping Fathers

I feel blessed to have a husband who is very hands on with our baby girl.

He genuinely enjoys feeding, bathing, and playing with her. He walks in the door from work and wants to feed and bath her, whichever is still needed, despite me saying no, and telling him to relax.

I have however, been surprised by how many people have commented on how lucky I am to have a husband who feeds, bathes, and when needed, even does the overnight feed. When our daughter cries, he too will respond. When our daughter needs feeding, he is happy to feed her. When our daughter needs an evening bath, he is happy to bathe her. Why though, am I lucky? Why am I lucky that my husband, the father of my daughter, is happy to do these things? The decision to have a baby was a joint one. We both decided we wanted to have a child and knew all that this entailed (or at least what we thought it entailed!!). We both knew it would be hard and would take some sacrifice (sleep, for example!), therefore why am I lucky? Why is my husband praised for feeding and looking after his daughter, yet for me, it is simply expected and without recognition? I understand my husband goes to work each day, however, there have been many days where I have honestly felt that going into an office versus staying home, was the easy option. I’m curious, when I return to work in the coming months, and still need to feed my baby girl over night and attend to all her needs, will I then receive such praise? Will I be praised for looking after my daughter? I think not.

Therefore, I ask again, why am I lucky that my husband, who chose to become a father, is happy to help look after his daughter? Why are mothers not receiving the same recognition and praise that these so called helping fathers are?


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