I’m Back!

Well, I’m ashamed to admit it but, as you can see, I’ve not written a post in well over 12 months. I had such grand plans when I originally created lovelifeandlaughter. I was going to immerse myself in writing, post every day, take photos, read and review books, it was going to be great! Hmmm.. something appears to have gone amiss. Life. Life happened. Since my last post I become busy with my career, my husband and I fostered a 9 year old girl, I became pregnant after 2 years of trying (yay!) and we now have a beautiful baby girl!

At the moment I find myself a little lost; I’m attempting to navigate my way through motherhood and this new journey that is now my life. So, I thought I would return to my love of writing and try to find a little bit of me, in a world that no longer feels like mine.

Therefore, I’m making a promise to myself, to lovelifeandlaughter, and to anyone who may be reading this. I promise to commit myself to this blog, to post daily, to being honest and reflective, and to fulfilling a goal I set out to achieve 2 years ago.

Wish me luck!


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