The feeling of hope can be the most wonderful, exciting, and terrifying feeling in the world. Hope is at the heart of our dreams; it provides us with the courage and strength to reach for the stars. People don’t always realise how ever present hope is in our lives. We are constantly hoping- whether it’s hoping to get the promotion at work or hoping for a better world, it’s still hope.

Twice over the last few weeks I’ve experienced hope in all it’s forms. I’ve been excited by the possibilities my hope gave me, and I’ve been devastated by what I felt once my hope was taken away. After the considerable period of time I spent feeling sorry for myself (I confess this may have been a little too long in hindsight!) I realised that hope is what gets me through the tough times, inspires me to pick myself up and try again, and ultimately is the driving force behind my life. I hope for so many things- for both myself, my loved ones, and for the world as a whole. Without hope, what is there?


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